Start Your Own Club

- Are you interested in being an activist?

- Great! This program is just the thing for you!

Through this program you can start your very own Teens4Teens club! How does it work? Let's dive into it....

How It Works:

- When you start a club, you commit to at least 1 act of community service.... (A fundraiser for financial donations or a drive collecting items.) 1 act of community service usually takes about 2 months worth of time to complete.

- You will have monthly virtual meetings with Teens4Teens founder Lorelei Darling, who will help support you throughout your new and budding philanthropist journey!

- If you are forming your club through a school you MUST have school permission.

- That's it! See, easy peasy!

Get Started!

All you have to do is email Lorelei Darling here with the Subject titled "Start Your Own Club"

Lorelei will then email you back with a list of questions for you to fill out. Once you answer these questions (ex. First name, last name, age, school and district...) you'll be on your way to running your very own Teens4Teens club!

Time To

Be Loud!