Annual Teen Holiday Drive

When Lorelei Darling was 8 years old, she started her adventure into the world of philanthropy. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids just like her! After 4 years of hosting annual toy drives, collecting gifts for foster and low-income youth, Lorelei was about the age of 12 when she began to realize just how little the teenagers in foster care were given. From that point on, Lorelei dropped the “Toy Drive” and changed it to “Teen Drive.” Every year Lorelei was collecting donation gift items for teenagers such as… Clothing, school supplies, backpacks, gift cards, self hygiene products, and anything else that a teenager would want/need. Today, the annual Teen Holiday Drives are one of Teens4Teen's biggest projects!


This Is What Hard

Work Looks Like...


8 Year Old Lorelei
(First Holiday Drive)



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