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This year is our 8TH ANNUAL Teens Holiday Drive that helps homeless and foster youth, along with transitional age youth (18-24 year olds). This holiday season we are partnering up with Penny Lane Centers, raising funding and accepting donations for their Annual Holiday Boutique. During this unprecedented time we find that it is important to give back to people who have been hit the hardest during Covid-19. We want to give back to them and bring them joy, and want them to have something to look forward to. 

If you want to donate, our one requirement is that all clothing items must to be new. If it is used we will not except it due to Covid-19 regulations: We suggest beauty products, backpacks, purses, wallets, clothing (including maternity clothing, shoes, hygiene products, cloth masks, room decor, phone cases, hair products, Gift Cards, Baby/Diaper Bags and baby bottles


If you would like to donate please contact us! 

Contact Information: lomydarlin@gmail.com

Financial Donations Are Accepted!


On May 19th of 2019, 14 year old Lorelei Darling (Teens4Teens founder) held the very first Teens4Teens fundraiser to raise funds for building more Transitional Housing for kids aging out of the foster care system. She planned a Zumba fundraiser, with an estimate of 150 people attending. The event raised a total of $3,306, all of which was donated directly to Penny Lane Center’s Transitional Housing Program.

This Program Has Been Postponed Until Further Notice Due To Covid-19.

Project Group Home:

Due to Covid-19, Project Group Home has been postponed until 2021. Usually, Lorelei Darling will be working with Penny Lane Center's residential (13-17) group home youth. She will start working with the teens regularly. Lorelei intends on helping the youth at these homes through art projects, throwing social events, and field trips. However, due to the pandemic, Project Group Home is changing its course. We will be hosting virtual meeting with the group home youth, along side a variety of guest speakers to discuss different career paths for unique and creative individuals. If interested in helping support Lorelei's dream of creating a more loving and trusting environment for Penny Lane's residential youth, then be sure to donate to us today! Funding for guest speakers will be hard to come by without your help! Lorelei Darling, and the rest of Teens4Teens will greatly appreciate your support.


When Lorelei Darling was 8 years old, she started her adventure into the world of philanthropy. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids just like her! After 4 years of hosting annual toy drives, when Lorelei was about the age of 12, she began to realize just how little the teenagers in foster care were given. From that point on, Lorelei dropped the “Toy Drive” and changed it to “Teen Drive.” Every year Lorelei and the rest of Teens4Teens is collecting donations of teen items such as… clothing, school supplies, backpacks, gift cards, self hygiene products, and anything else that a teenager would need/want. Email Lorelei Darling today if interested in donating in this year’s drive! Due to Covid-19, all donations will be exchanged in a socially distant, no touch process. Financial donations are accepted! :)


Join Lorelei Darling and many other teens who are striving to make a difference today! Urban Homeschoolers is a homeschool learning center which Lorelei has been attending since she was only in the 6th grade. You can sign up to be a part of the 13+ Teens4Teens club on the Urban Homeschoolers website...


All teens are welcome to join our weekly virtual meetings via Zoom. When attending these meetings you will learn how YOU can get involved with us in making a positive impact on the lives of youth everywhere.


THIS Is... #WhatATeenCanDo!


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