What Is Project Group Home?

#ProjectGroupHome is a program that was specifically created for one reason... To give group home youth (13-17 year olds) the support that they very much deserve.

Project Group Home is a program that will host and take part in various different programs, events, drives, and more that will make any kind of positive impact on teenagers living in group facilities.

Quarantine Care Packages & How You Can Help!

Starting on February 1st 2021 begins the very first project of Project Group Home!

Living through this pandemic has been anything but easy. Especially for youth in the system. Teenagers in group facilities have already been struggling, and now with a strict quarantine and no visitation days, the mental health of these youth has dropped dangerously low.

This is when Teens4Teens decided it was time to start Project Group Home. Project Group Home will be hosting a drive collecting donations of the items listed between February 1st and March 8th. All of these items will be sorted into small care packages, or as we like to call them, Quarantine Care Packages. Each teen living at one of Penny Lane Center's group homes will receive a care package.

The hope of these Quarantine Care Packages is to help remind these youth that they can get through these tough times. Teens4Teens is not trying to give them strength, we simply want to remind them of how strong they already are.

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Mental Health Matters

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To contact us with any questions you may have, such as donations, or potential partnerships with #ProjectGroupHome, "Contact Us" with the button below! To make a financial donation to our cause, click the "Donate" icon!

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