Lorelei Darling is a 16 year old foster care and homeless youth advocate. She started her work as a philanthropist when she was 8 years old, and it grew from there. As she grew older, she began working more and more with the older youth in the system, and got inspired to start her own non-profit. Teens4Teens was born when she was 14 years old back in May of 2019. Her dream for Teens4Teens is to create a more supportive and loving environment for homeless and older youth in the foster care system. Lorelei strongly believes in the power of youth, and nothing can change that.



Ayanna Immani's interest in changing the way the foster system works began when she started working at a therapeutic riding center and realised just how many special needs kids ended up in the foster system. Her motivation to change this was spiked when her friend decided to finally start the club she had long since talked about, Teens4Teens. After the very first fundraiser Teens4teens planned and put into action, she realised she was so invested in moving the non-profit along on its journey that she wanted to be more than just a volunteer. Ayanna will be heading off on her own journey and has hopes of expanding Teens4Teens to Santa Barbara, CA.



Julie Leary is a homeschooling mother of three. She is also the accounts manager and tutoring service manager, and part time elementary art and language arts teacher at UrbanHomeschoolers, a homeschool resource educational center. Julie has been involved with Teens4Teens

since its conception. What started as a small neighborhood holiday toy drive by her then 8 year old daughter, Lorelei, has now grown into the multifaceted organization it is today. Julie assists with producing, marketing and advertising of all fundraising events and drives, shares responsibility in accounts management and serves as adult supervisor for the group’s club held at UrbanHomeschoolers.