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Our Mission

To provide support for at-risk teens and young adults.

Lorelei's Story

When I was just about 8 years old I made the decision that I wanted to help kids. It was as simple as that. So, with the holidays approaching, and the help of my mother, I made 100 flyers asking for donations to give to kids in foster care. Soon after, I walked up and down the streets of my neighborhood and I left 1 flyer on the front porch of every house. By the end of the week, I had collected a table full of gifts! Soon after, I decided to host the toy drive annually.

By the time I was 12, I was beginning to notice the lack of support there is for older youth in foster care. I would stay up late reading articles, and watching documentaries. I began to learn about the struggles in finding foster homes for teens, about group homes, what it means to “age out” of the system, and youth homelessness. I quickly changed my annual toy drive to an annual Teen Holiday Drive. Every year after that I would collect gifts for teenagers and older youth such as clothing, video games, jewelry, and even gift cards.

When I was 14, I came to the overwhelming realization that I wanted to do more for at-risk teens. So despite my age I started my own nonprofit called Teens4Teens. Teens4Teens is all about teenagers helping other teenagers. We work with volunteers ages 13 - 19, teaching them about youth in the foster care system, and youth experiencing poverty. Together, we provide essentials for at risk youth in Los Angeles. Despite how much I have grown, and how far Teens4Teens has come, my dream is the same dream I had when I was only 8 years old…. To help kids.

The Two Who Make It All Happen

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Lorelei Darling is a 17 year old foster and homeless youth activist. She started her work as a philanthropist when she was 8 years old, and it grew from there. As she grew older, she began working more and more with the older youth in the system, and got inspired to start her own non-profit. Teens4Teens was born when she was 14 years old back in May of 2019. Her dream for Teens4Teens is to create a more supportive and loving environment for homeless and older youth in the foster care system. Lorelei strongly believes in the power of youth, and nothing can change that.


Julie Leary is a homeschooling mother of three. She is also the accounts manager and tutoring service manager, and part time elementary art and language arts teacher at UrbanHomeschoolers, a homeschool resource educational center. Julie has been involved with Teens4Teens
since its conception. What started as a small neighborhood holiday toy drive by her then 8 year old daughter, Lorelei, has now grown into the multifaceted organization it is today. Julie assists with producing, marketing and advertising of all fundraising events and drives, and shares responsibility in accounts management.

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