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What A Teen Can Do

Beginning In October 2022

By joining our What A Teen Can Do program you will have the opportunity to learn about the foster care system and youth homelessness, as well as volunteer with any/all Teens4Teens events of the season!
What A Teen Can Do is open to all teens ages13-19!

How It Works:

All volunteers are required to attend once a month Zoom meetings for the months of October, November, and December 2022. Virtual meetings will be roughly 40 minutes each.

Volunteers are also committed to volunteering with
in-person Teens4Teens events. The project of the season is the
10th Annual
Teen Holiday Drive!

Parents are not required to, but are welcome to listen in on the virtual meetings and volunteer during in-person events alongside their teenager/s.

Please Note:
All in-person events will be based in Los Angeles California.

Teens4Teens does not require but would greatly appreciate for all volunteers to make a $50.00 donation when signing up for the program. These funds go towards providing each volunteer with Teens4Teens team shirts!

To sign up, email us!
Title the email in the subject line as shown below.
"What A Teen Can Do - Your First Name"

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